Top 3 Conversion Hacks for

Rag Stock

Idea #1: Size

FOCUS: As visitors are reviewing your products, one of the major concerns/objections they’re going to have is whether or not the product actually fits them. We all now how painful it is to buy a product and then have to return it because it doesn’t fit. Many times we don’t even go through the hassle to return it, and just consider it a sunk cost and don’t buy from the store again. Of course, you don’t want that to happen. To prevent that, you’ll want to add some kind of size guide or more information regarding sizing, so people can make a fairly educated decision and be more confident that if they buy from you, they won’t need to deal with the hassle of returns/exchanges. 

REFERENCE: You have existing size information, but it’s kind of confusing because I cannot tell if I should be measuring myself or pants that I already own. Adding more clarity can help break down a potential friction point. Moreover, you can try a size quiz like Thursday Boots.

Idea #2: REVIEWS

FOCUS:  Visitors are known to be more inclined to purchase when a product has more reviews and positive one’s. Think about it like a line at a restaurant. If you are walking down the street and see a line for a restaurant you automatically assume it’s a good restaurant. Consumer psychology works the same way. You see a product with many positive reviews and you assume it’s a great product. And therefore, you’re a lot more likely to actually buy it, since you have belief you’ll be satisfied like the others. 


FOCUS: Every store has winning products that just sell far more than the others. One improvement we’ve seen help conversion rates for many of our clients stores is to create an engaging application video for your winning product and place it within your image gallery. Even winning products get page views that don’t add to the cart, so enhance them even more by adding some more engagement. The benefit of video is three-fold. (1) People can clearly see how the product looks like in real life, (2) People can more easily put themselves in the shoes of the actor/actress or whoever is in the video and imagine themselves using the product as well, & (3) Professional videos will give your brand brownie points which by itself can bump your conversion rate. Note: Due to the required resources for video, we recommend starting with just your winning product, seeing the impact and then making a decision based off the results.


Hope you found those valuable and see the potential!

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