Top 5 Conversion Hacks for

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Idea #1:

FOCUS: There is no contact information anywhere on the home page. Visitors arriving on the page for the first time want to know they have an easy way to reach you and if there is no contact information, you are making it more difficult for them to contact you should they experience a problem. Adding this adds a lot of trust to the page and your brand. You can add contact information like email address and phone number to the footer. If you have any kind of live chat, add the live chat hours. If you don’t have live chat, it’s highly recommended for conversion purposes as well, and if implemented, make sure to include your customer service hours on your footer. 


Idea #2:

FOCUS:  There is no value propositions section on the home page. You are missing a set of on-page value propositions which is vital for conversions. Value propositions help make it clear to users what’s special about your brand, & why they should buy from you. You should add 3 value propositions which highlight 3 things that are particularly unique to your brand. You could place the value propositions below the hero section. 


Idea #3:

FOCUS: Everything in the new cashmere collection is sold out. This is obviously very confusing for a visitor. Moreover, the image tag saying SOLD OUT is barely visible, and could very easily be missed by most people (who don’t have a careful eye). Ideally, a sold out product should be removed from the website altogether. 

Idea #4:

FOCUS: On your product pages, there are no reviews. Social proof is a key element supporting conversions. Without reviews, the website can feel like just another pop-up Shopify store. You should build a review collection strategy amongst existing customers and new customers. 

Idea #5:

FOCUS: The product description (for the product I was reviewing) describes JUST what the product is, barely even mentioning why (emotionally) the customer would want to purchase it. People tend to buy out of emotional desires, not logical one’s. By focusing on describing “what” the product is as the main product description instead of “why” the product, it’s likely to have a large impact on conversions, as people don’t emotionally connect with the product they’re seeing on the page. Re-write the product description focusing on the target market’s “why”. That is, what is so special about this product which would make the target audience feel they’ve basically won the lottery by purchasing it? How will the product make the target audience customer feel?