Top 5 Conversion Hacks for

Grill Rescue

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Idea #1:

FOCUS: On your product page, there is no sense of urgency to take action right away. By introducing some kind of scarcity tactic, people will worry that if they don’t buy very soon, there won’t be any product left for them to purchase. Of course, adding some level of scarcity without it going noticed is a total waste, so I’d recommend it being somewhere near where people’s eyes are going to be anyways; near pricing.


Idea #2:

FOCUS:  Similar to the above comment, the product page could use some additional social proof. In your case, you have A TON of reviews, which is fantastic and definitely a strong reason for why people would be likely to buy from you. However, in addition to those reviews, it’d be wise to add some more social proof as high up near the fold as possible. Similar to the suggestion made above, you can add social proof elements near the pricing section.  


Idea #3:

FOCUS: You may want to try adding a video of a customer using the grill brush within the image gallery. Videos tend to increase engagement (and that increases conversion rate). Moreover, videos help with putting the visitor in the shoes of the person showing in the video, in how they’d use the product and proper usage of it as well. Alternatively, the video could focus on proper application, if it can be difficult to understand or is complex. Side note: The videos below the 30 day money back guarantee badge can easily be missed (I didn’t notice it first time around)

Idea #4:

FOCUS: The product page has a sticky header, but the sticky header is the standard website header. Once someone arrives on the product page, the goal of what you want them to do next must be very clear. With a sticky header, you’re basically suggesting that they should keep browsing instead of moving along the purchasing funnel. Instead, you may want to replace the sticky header (on product pages) with a sticky ADD TO CART button. We’ve seen this positively impact conversion rate before for some of our clients. 

Idea #5:

FOCUS: Product description is critical for giving important information about the product, but also for answering any potential objections a visitor may have at that stage of the funnel. Even if shipping/delivery is not specific to the product, it’s still important to make sure that objection is 100% solved/answered so that the visitor won’t need to browse the site to figure that out. You can change the product description into one with tabs and add a shipping/delivery section where the terms are clearly laid out without any possible confusion at all. Alternatively, you can just add an additional section of the product page focused on it, if you don’t like the tabs idea.