Top 3 Conversion Hacks for

Ernest Wright

Idea #1: REVIEWS

FOCUS:  Visitors are known to be more inclined to purchase when a product has more reviews and positive one’s. Think about it like a line at a restaurant. If you are walking down the street and see a line for a restaurant you automatically assume it’s a good restaurant. Consumer psychology works the same way. You see a product with many positive reviews and you assume it’s a great product. And therefore, you’re a lot more likely to actually buy it, since you have belief you’ll be satisfied like the others. 


FOCUS: One of the other major issues we find with eCommerce stores is the lack of having the right information at the right timing. When people have gotten to your product page, they are ready to either add that item to the cart OR find another similar product. They’ve already decided they like something about the product, so now it’s your job through your website to get them over the edge and add it to the cart. With that said, they have concerns, considerations and thoughts which may be holding them back. If you don’t answer those concerns, they will likely leave the store altogether, rather than make the extra effort to contact you. A very common objection we find is around shipping/delivery/exchange. If you have a product which may not be the right fit for the buyer, then you want to make it easier for them to understand what the terms are to return the product back to you. This means stating this information clearly on your product page, within the product description or in its own sub-tab near the product description. Don’t force them to browse through your footer links to figure it out. That’ll just make them leave.

REFERENCE: Extra note on this > Of course, I saw all of your out of stock and back order items. That’ll 100% affect conversion rates, as you would expect. Goes without saying, I think. People are less likely to buy if they won’t actually get it any time soon. 


FOCUS: Every store has winning products that just sell far more than the others. One improvement we’ve seen help conversion rates for many of our clients stores is to create an engaging application video for your winning product and place it within your image gallery. Even winning products get page views that don’t add to the cart, so enhance them even more by adding some more engagement. The benefit of video is three-fold. (1) People can clearly see how the product should be applied, (2) People can more easily put themselves in the shoes of the actor/actress or whoever is in the video and imagine themselves using the product as well, & (3) Professional videos will give your brand brownie points which by itself can bump your conversion rate. Note: Due to the required resources for video, we recommend starting with just your winning product, seeing the impact and then making a decision based off the results.


Hope you found those valuable and see the potential!

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